• The Kids Cooking Corner’s objective is to educate today’s youth in the joy and art of cooking!
  • We are a NUT FREE school and can accommodate most food allergies
  • Cooking is Fun!
  • Nothing is more rewarding then seeing the smiles and giggles out of kids when they are having fun!

Cooking Classes

The Kids Cooking Corner programs and services are offered without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, veteran status, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law, regulation, or ordinance.

All classes are $40 each, or punch cards are now available or Buy our loyalty punch card for 5 classes for $99.00!!!!

Class Punch Card

To schedule a cooking class please contact us through our e-mail @ TheKidsCookingCorner@gmail.com to see if we have a date available for your child!

Occasionally The Kids Cooking Corner will schedule camps and unique classes which are specially priced.
  • Assistant Chef Program

    3-7 years old

    We review rules and kitchen safety first! Practice spreading, rolling, pouring, peeling, tearing, tossing, stirring, and adding ingredients.

    Kids get to wash vegetables, stir dough, pour ingredients, gather ingredients, grease pans, open packages, peel eggs, oranges, bananas, crush chips & crackers for toppings, and learn how to properly set a table! Two hours.

  • Jr. Chef Program

    8-12 years old

    Now kids get to learn more creativity! Three balanced meals, learning to use stove and oven with caution.

    Getting to know cultural foods. Knife safety, microwave safety, using an electric mixer, blender, other kitchen appliances. How to tell when noodles, cakes and cookies are done, how to double a recipe or “half” it. Two hours.

  • Sr. Chef Program

    Ages 13 and up

    Sauces, creams, soups. Always working on etiquette. Now it is time for our young culinary masters to show their parents what they have learned!

    Kids will make their own menu, cook and serve their parents a full sit down dinner after completing 10 classes.

    Principles of reading, math ,science and manners will be applied on a regular basis. There are so many recipes we will be doing, too many to list! But here is a sampling: Homemade butter and bread, Pretzels, Manicotti, Fish Tacos, Baked Chicken, Shepherd’s Pie and the list can go on! 2 1/2 hours.

*Recipes are subject to change
RECIPES TO BE DECIDE WEEK OF CLASSES! We are harvesting out of our garden at this time of year and will base recipes on what we can pull out of garden so our crops are not wasted! Thank you for understanding!!!
We are located @ 5206 NE 78th St in Vancouver, Washington – just a few minutes from downtown Portland!
The Kids Cooking Corner is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization - ID# 80-0682261 - Any type of donations are are gladly accepted and we will provide a tax receipt for you.


Please contact us directly to register your child for classes at TheKidsCookingCorner@Gmail.com

Please be aware of our attendance policy: If you register for a class we expect your child to come. We must have 24hrs in advance for cancellation to allow other children on our wait list to come. For each no show we will remove a class. We understand emergencies happen and we will work on an individual basis, just call us.

We are a non-profit and 100% volunteer organization, our school cannot afford groceries for children who do not show up when scheduled. Thank you for understanding.

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